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Sell Used Laptops For Not Only Security But Cash Back

Today, trading in old technology for shiny new electronic items is one of the most satisfying purchases a person can make, especially a person who has been swept away by the technological revolution. With technology whizzing along the information superhighway and prices becoming more and more reasonable by the week, there’s no reason a person interested in the latest technology shouldn’t indulge. And there’s absolutely no reason not to for a person who can afford it, since the items bought are at least useful in that they help to work, play and communicate more effectively. When it comes to knowing what to do with old technology, however, the issue can become more complicated. For example, the average laptop today has not only many files and photos that are considered personal, but information about banking, credit cards, other finances, personal relationships and much more. Simply disposing of such an item in the trash is asking for it to be picked out. Many people have images of computer geniuses hacking away at their old machines, looking to break into their bank accounts and commit identity fraud. While this sounds farfetched, the truth is that leaving an electronic fingerprint lying around is dangerous in this day and age. The question then arises, if simply throwing them away isn’t safe, is it safe to sell used laptops?

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The answer is yes, and no all at once, since whether or not it is safe to sell used laptops depends entirely on how the machine is processed prior to the sale, and who it’s sold to. Selling a laptop to someone you already know is always a good option if it’s someone you know well, and the cash can help supplement the purchase of a new machine. However, getting into selling an old machine online on a site like ‘Craigslist’ or ‘E-bay’ is a bit trickier. It’s a good idea in that case to take the laptop to a service center and have the memory completely erased. Depending on where you go and the status of your warranty, this might incur a fee. Another option might be to erase the memory yourself, or have a trusted friend who is computer savvy do it for you, but unless you or your buddy know what you’re doing, a wrong move can permanently damage the machine and really decrease what value it has left. Sometimes, if buying a new laptop you can simply trade the old machine into the selling compan

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