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Do You Need a USA Visa?

A USA Visa is a document that is issued by the individual’s country of citizenship. Sometimes it is possible to travel to the United States as long as you have a USA Visa. If you don’t have a visa you will be required to meet certain requirement necessary to obtain a visa.

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If you have a visa you will be able to travel to any port of entry, land border crossing, or airport and request permission from the Department of Homeland Security and Customs as well as Border Protection in order to enter the United States.

Even if you do have a visa, it doesn’t guarantee that you will enter into the country however it does mean that a consular officer located at the U.S. Embassy or the Consulate abroad will determine if you are indeed eligible to enter for the purpose you have requested.

There are laws that determine ones eligibility for the USA Visa. They determine who enters, how long they stay, and list the date that they must leave. You now have an increased amount of time that you have to apply for a USA Visa so it is advisable to start the process as early as possible. Once you apply for a USA Visa you may have to wait due to any number of delays. While The State Department sets a goal to have a USA Visa delivered within thirty days, it doesn’t always happen and delays may be inevitable. However you shouldn’t have to wait no more than sixty days for your USA Visa. Each application is different and that may play a factor in all the delays. It is mandatory that all your information on your visa application be verified before a USA Visa can be issued. You will need to wait up to 90 days from the day of your interview or the day you submitted all the necessary documents.

While waiting for your visa application to be approved, it is highly recommended that you do not begin to call the office hoping for an update. No updates will be given unless you have waited one day past your sixty or ninety day requirement.

If necessary you may need to hire a lawyer that can help represent your case if you have waited the correct amount of time and have not received an answer back. A lawyer knows who they need to call in order to get the ball rolling and move on to the next phase which is issuing you a USA Visa. If you have work waiting for you to enter, you simply need to call and explain your case to the employer and hope that he or she can wait until your lawyer clears things up on your end.

When you get your US Visa pay attention to the amount of time the USA Visa is good for. You also need to make sure that there are no restrictions listed on your Visa and you can leave as soon as possible. It is always important to follow the directions given. If you run out of time, you can find a lawyer and file an extension so you can stay in the country longer.

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